Polymorphism (and others)

Sebastian Nozzi sebastian.nozzi@jnm.de
Mon Nov 19 00:18:01 2001

>The TunesLearningLounge (http://tunes.org/cgi-bin/TunesWiki?TunesLearningLounge) 
>that I created on TunesWiki some month ago is already quite complete, 
>perhaps too complete. It aims to list only the few best (mostly 
>online) texts on every topic in informatics, maths or logic that 
>has relevance to Tunes. Everybody who haven't seen it is invited 
>to take a look and add or change entries on topics that heshe is
>acquainted with.

That's a very good idea indeed.
I think on the long term Tunes should have something like this complemented
with the glossary, like a "Tunes Knowledge Base".
However I think some of the topics in the glossary need some more work
for non CS people, and it would be also good to have a resumee on some
documents pointed by the TLL.
When I get enough insight and if I still have some time I would be willing to
help on this. David Madore's page on Tunes looks like a good example
on how to present Tunes to the public.