The web site

Armin Rigo
Sun Dec 1 09:25:01 2002

Hello Brian,

At 13:13 29.11.02 -0800, Brian T Rice wrote:
>I have finally given in to working on the Tunes website. It occurred to me
>that we could use Cliki to replace the weirdness that is the current Tunes
>Wiki. It generally is very flexible, and we'd only have to run CLisp on
>the server, a fairly light load. I'll experiment with setting it up.

It looks like a reasonable thing to do. I am sad that the project is not=20
moving at all. Some work was done in the sprints but nothing since then --=
apart from your own work on Slate, of course. I'd even say that the Tunes=20
site should promote Slate a bit more, as a related programming project,=20
with of course the appropriate comments regarding the differences between=20
the project scopes.

So please, as far as I'm concerned, do take over.

A bient=F4t,