The web site

Jeff Cutsinger
Sun Dec 1 12:41:01 2002

Brian Rice said:
> Hi all,
> I have finally given in to working on the Tunes website. It occurred to me
> that we could use Cliki to replace the weirdness that is the current Tunes
> Wiki. It generally is very flexible, and we'd only have to run CLisp on
> the server, a fairly light load. I'll experiment with setting it up.

Sounds good to me. It would be nice if there were a way to control who has
write access so we don't get people writing dumb things all over the place.

(Quick Cliki ref for those lazy but curious:
> However, my important consideration is the main site, which is in CVS. At
> , you'll find a Scribe-driven replication of
> the languages review page. I may just insert the output to replace the
> existing page for now, since it is at least more regular in grammar. Does
> anyone have another idea? Generally I think that without objections or
> suggestions that any effort on the actual site would be appreciated.

My experience is that scribe isn't very good. It's problematic in many ways,
for example the poor quality of the output (this can be partially fixed). Fare
has been talking with Manuel Serrano about fixing some problems with scribe on
the scribe ML. The biggest two things to me are the lack of a decent emacs
mode and the lack of a (scribe-read ...) function (actually (read/rp
scribe-grammar ...) is more appropriate, but Manuel decided not to export the
scribe grammar to the world. I posted this to the ML a while ago and got no
response. I think I'll try again.
Also, I'm honestly not sure about the quality of what I've written there. The
results look good enough, but the code may be woefully ugly to some, and I
haven't figured out how to structure the rest of the document. I removed some
of the old reviews because they just weren't very good, so there are a few
empty titles hanging around, like lisp and a couple of others.

Fare (and anyone else who could help me with this),
I've started labeling reviews with authors so that people can understand where
they are coming from, but I can't tell who wrote some of the older reviews. I
discovered to my dismay that one was simply stolen! I'd like to find a way to
determine who wrote these reviews. I dug through cvs logs but that contains
revisions to an almost complete version of the document. I even went and found
a few of the old tunes and moose tarballs but they weren't very enlightening
either. Any help you could lend me with that would be greatly appreciated.

-Jeff Cutsinger