Comments requested

Brian T Rice
Mon Dec 9 11:53:02 2002

I have made some content changes at .

These changes largely don't seem to remove any useful information, but to
make the existing information more concise and regular. This is a
first-pass result; there will be further passes to refine it later.
Currently, I am working on the Interfaces pages and I made some small
refactorings to the Migration area. The Migration work is posted, but
there' no much change in the way of exposition so much as the form and the
fact that I removed or toned-down a lot of the politicial content that
seemed to be detracting from exposing the technical issues.

Would anyone miss the stuff I cut out terribly? When all the passes are
done, the old site will be moved to or, and
the new things checked in to CVS, probably with a new pre-processing or
otherwise automation system.

I'd like to know what further specific issues need to be included. I have
had a minor look at some of the actual expository content on the Wiki, but
I haven't thought about how to integrate it yet, though I want to.

Any kind of input or feedback is welcome. There's no point in making a new
site if it's not a desired outcome.

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development