Type Theory and Functional Programming

Brian T Rice water@tunes.org
Mon Dec 30 12:03:01 2002


While this is a reasonable suggestion, functional programming as you
describe it is not useful enough for Tunes. The current website doesn't
make this explicit enough, but of course that's not really your problem.
At any rate, thank you, but please do a little more research before such
blanket suggestions.

On Fri, 27 Dec 2002, Russell O'Connor wrote:

> I was browsing the web looking for new OS's when I found your project.
> I'd like to suggest the book "Type Theory and Functional Programming" by
> Simon Thompson.  If you want correctness as part your programming
> language, I think functional style programming with a dependent type
> system is the way to go.  A dependent type system allows enough
> expressiveness to make non-trivial claims about program behaviour.  The
> proof of correctness of code and the code itself is developed
> simultaneously, and with the same syntax.
> Good luck with your work.
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