Glasgow and London

Francois-Rene Rideau Francois-Rene Rideau <>
Fri Feb 15 04:21:01 2002

Dear Tunesers,

I'm currently in Glasgow, where I might settle at Strathclyde University
where works Richard Connor (who was part of the orthogonal persistence team
at St Andrews and was one of those who coined the term "Compile-time
Reflection") together with other researchers doing distributed systems
or knowledge representation.

>From tuesday night to saturday night, I'll be in London, so if any of you
is in the area, maybe we could meet.

On another front, I'm actively writing my thesis (now 85 pages),
and will soon publish the first part of it for review (it's basically
the implement1 article, generalized for systems with I/O, with the
concept applied to a variety of topics).

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The reason why we must be tolerant is NOT that everyone is as right as
everyone else. It is that no system allows to reliably distinguish right
and wrong beforehand. Only by having the right to err can one have the
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victims of their own folly rather than of ours, as long as they in turn
do not impose their folly upon us.