Björnke von Gierke
Fri Jan 11 19:15:02 2002

> Should be a Cc: - and usually the sender doesn't mind receiving a copy
> (he might be unsubscribed to the list), plus you can remove him =
> from the destinations, if you know for sure he's subscribed.
Err... thats on purpose? Well, thats the reason why most people hate 
computers :(

the originator sends a mail to the list, is subscribed, and I reply:
as is "reply":
mails received: originator: 1 list member: 0 myself: 0
as i suggest "reply to: list"
mails received: originator: 1 list member: 1 myself: 1

the originator sends a mail to the list, is NOT subscribed, and I reply:
as is: mails received: originator: 1 list member: 0 myself: 0
as i suggest: mails received: originator: 0 list member: 1 myself: 1

Now we have the same causes when users rearrange and uses the "reply to 
all" feature:
as is: mails received: originator: 2 list member: 1 myself: 1
as I suggest: mails received: originator:1 list member:1 myself:1

I think that you would like that the originator always get's a response, 
but hes only one, and thus i think the list members are first priority 
here. Also if he want's a response, why doesn't he subscribe to the list?

>>> if you're willing to write a system that adds features for other
>>> browsers without sacrificing compatibility [with CLI browsers] =
>> Well, thats quiet simple with an intro-page, which has a link for =
> Just do it - you seem to know better about it than I, anyway.
> If you don't have write access to the CVS yet, just fill in the
> membership form and ask an account to
Is that a Joke? I mean you don't know me, and I didn't even tell you 
that im here to overtake the project and cripple it, by order of his 
billyness ;-)
Also I don't really know anything about programming and what exactly is 
a CVS?
May I now add my own homepage to the project?

> The problem being here that we lack coherent documentation outside of
> the FAQ, that the FAQ could point to. In absence of it, a two-sized =
> might do. If linuxdoc-sgml can't handle it, we might migrate to HeVeA
> or to TeX2page.
well I would write a new faq, and put it into the introduction/welcome 
part of the homepage, and then use the old faq as a base to grow from in 
the documentation.

>> Listener? well ok it crunches strings... does it understand =
> Not unless you teach it too.
> Begin simple, elaborate as you go, refactor the simple thing =
> Be ready to see your code refactored, knowing that since the code AND
> the execution environment in which it was successfully run are 
> versioned,
> so that you will be able to run your old code despite incompatible new
> refactorings, evolutions, modifications.
>> Or do you mean string as in "long" ?
> I mean "string" as in source code that you can evaluate incrementally,
> input from primitive but standard means of communication such as
> text file editors, line editors, raw terminal input, etc.
I still don't get the diffrence between a runtime compiler and your 
approach... but its 4:20 at night, and il go to sleep now, maybe i'l 
understand tomorrow.

have a nice day