one liner

Brian T Rice
Thu Jul 4 10:05:02 2002

Hi Joerg,

I disagree in explaining it that way entirely.

I proposed a similar one-liner which was "TUNES is to programming
languages as the internet is to networks." The use of it as an operating
system is just an extension of that idea to systems languages.

Naturally we have some different ideas on the way that OSes should work,
but it's not specifically because we want it to be theoretically sound.
It's because we want the means of expression of ideas to be in charge,
which places the programming language first in the order of system
organization principles.

I hope that this works for you.

On 4 Jul 2002, Joerg F. Wittenberger wrote:

JFW>there's going to be a presentation slide mentioning TUNES as a related
JFW>project of Askemos.  I want to emphasis the relation, but I'd like to
JFW>know whether you people would aggree with the line:
JFW>TUNES - building a new OS on sound theory