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Joerg F. Wittenberger Joerg F. Wittenberger" <
Fri Jul 5 02:29:01 2002

Helo Brian,

Brian T Rice <> writes:

> I disagree in explaining it that way entirely.
> I proposed a similar one-liner which was "TUNES is to programming
> languages as the internet is to networks." The use of it as an operating

while this one liner might best describe TUNES, it doesn't really
stress the related point towards Askemos.

> but it's not specifically because we want it to be theoretically sound.

But am I wrong if I understand that TUNES needs to be theoretical
sound to achieve it's goals?

> It's because we want the means of expression of ideas to be in charge,

Having the means of expression being in charge requires theoretical
soundness to me.  ("The meaning is determined by the theory behind.")

May I ask: "In charge of what?"

> which places the programming language first in the order of system
> organization principles.
> I hope that this works for you.

Not yet, let's try a few.

> JFW>I want to emphasis the relation, but I'd like to
> JFW>know whether you people would aggree with the line:
> JFW>TUNES - building a new OS on sound theory

Ok, that's deemed bad.

TUNES - computation based on theory
TUNES - computation based on ideas
TUNES - computation based on semantics
TUNES - defining the semantics of compuations
TUNES - basics of programming



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