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Brian T Rice
Fri Jul 5 11:42:01 2002

On 5 Jul 2002, Joerg F. Wittenberger wrote:
> Helo Brian,
> Brian T Rice <> writes:
> > I disagree in explaining it that way entirely.
> >
> > I proposed a similar one-liner which was "TUNES is to programming
> > languages as the internet is to networks." The use of it as an operating
> while this one liner might best describe TUNES, it doesn't really
> stress the related point towards Askemos.

If TUNES reduces to that level of meaning for Askemos, then I suggest that
you're really not interested in TUNES specifically, but are only using it
to make your project appear more advanced or forward-thinking than it is.
I suggest you pick an example that's more specific to what you are working
on, or none at all.

> > but it's not specifically because we want it to be theoretically sound.
> But am I wrong if I understand that TUNES needs to be theoretical
> sound to achieve it's goals?

You misunderstood. Being theoretically sound is ambiguous after a point,
since mathematical formalisms can be outgrown, and must be, in order to
have one system that supports most of the things that TUNES does.
Otherwise, a formal logical specification of TUNES would be possible, and
it's clearly not.

> > It's because we want the means of expression of ideas to be in charge,
> Having the means of expression being in charge requires theoretical
> soundness to me.  ("The meaning is determined by the theory behind.")
> May I ask: "In charge of what?"

I mean that consideration of those means should guide the development
process. That is, it is paramount that we avoid inducing bottlenecks of
expressiveness. I can't just pick one paradigm or mix of them and call
that TUNES.

> > JFW>I want to emphasis the relation, but I'd like to
> > JFW>know whether you people would aggree with the line:
> >
> > JFW>TUNES - building a new OS on sound theory
> Ok, that's deemed bad.
> TUNES - computation based on theory
> TUNES - computation based on ideas
> TUNES - computation based on semantics
> TUNES - defining the semantics of compuations
> TUNES - basics of programming

None of these are unique to TUNES, and I again suggest that if these are
what you are looking for in a reference, then use another one.

> Thanks
> /Jerry

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