Introduction and misc ideas

Cyril Hansen
Mon Jun 3 13:23:02 2002


Hi again,

>I would regard Tunes as a "viral"
>program starting from a small kernel, first only able to interface with
>external parts through libraries (e.g. mappings for the OS'
>C-implemented system calls, as you find in many languages); then, as
>needed, we describe more and more properties of these external features,

Yes, that's the same idea. Your description is a lot clearer than mine 
by the way.

I would like to work on a proof of concept, but I don't know from where 
to start. There are so many things to abstract. I was more focused on 
user interface, but your file handling example is a lot simpler. This 
could be a good start for a proof of concept. I need to think more about it.

> I would love to see them implemented as a library for a
>widely-used language, despite all we can say against these languages --
>C++, maybe Java (which might really lack higher-order capabilities for
>this), why not Python (I regard Perl as not OO enough).
The advantage of using a largely known language is that we could  
advertise the project more easily.
A long term goal should be to become language independent, so my 
criteria for the language choice would very practical (what language do 
the contributors know best, etc..).
Additionnaly, I would prefer to use a Free software platform (and Java 
is bad in this departement).

I still don't know if my proposal to belong to the scope defined by 
Tunes. Should I consider it a different project ?