Introduction and misc ideas

Joerg F. Wittenberger Joerg F. Wittenberger" <
Wed Jun 5 05:41:01 2002

Cyril Hansen <> writes:

> >  
> Hi again,
> >I would regard Tunes as a "viral"
> >program starting from a small kernel, first only able to interface with
> >external parts through libraries (e.g. mappings for the OS'
> >C-implemented system calls, as you find in many languages); then, as
> >needed, we describe more and more properties of these external features,
> >declaratively.
> >
> Yes, that's the same idea. Your description is a lot clearer than mine 
> by the way.

And it's the same idea as it is behind Askemos.

> I would like to work on a proof of concept, but I don't know from where 

We would not mind you to join us. ( Sorry for the shameless plug ;-)

> to start. There are so many things to abstract. I was more focused on 
> user interface, but your file handling example is a lot simpler. This 
> could be a good start for a proof of concept. I need to think more about it.

It's quite a lot of work, actually, which was done in the concept
stage.  Now it's still a lot left for implementation.

> > I would love to see them implemented as a library for a
> >widely-used language, despite all we can say against these languages --
> >C++, maybe Java (which might really lack higher-order capabilities for
> >this), why not Python (I regard Perl as not OO enough).

I would love to see that too.  But by now it would be a port into
another environment.  But I see no reason why it would be impossible
to run it as a GIMP extention.  ,-)

> The advantage of using a largely known language is that we could  
> advertise the project more easily.

That's true.  And because you can hardly market anything today, which
is not XML, it's XML.  "Standard" is better than better.

And it's XSLT, because that's the one functional language in XML.

> A long term goal should be to become language independent, so my 

And it's open to any other language, which can be mapped into a
sequence functional steps.

> criteria for the language choice would very practical (what language do 
> the contributors know best, etc..).
> Additionnaly, I would prefer to use a Free software platform (and Java 
> is bad in this departement).

If it was not free, half the advantages where gone...

> I still don't know if my proposal to belong to the scope defined by 
> Tunes. Should I consider it a different project ?

>From what _I_ think TUNES is about, it belongs here.  Does it?



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