Brian P Templeton
Sat May 18 14:12:01 2002

Hello Jeremy,

jeremy <> writes:

> Hello all,
> I just subscribed to this list. Over the last few months I have read
> a good portion of the material on the Tunes website and although
> many of the more technical aspects elude me (I am relatively
> ignorant of computer science and formal mathematics) the philosophy
> and social motivations behind the project are right up my alley.
> I didn't learn computer programming at a university but at a
> technical institute, - where the focus was OOP, UML, Java, etc, -
> and through my own experience tinkering around with Linux. I'm
> presently working in the computer field but, at the moment, am
> finding ample time for self-directed study...
You've probably already heard this several times, but languages like
Common Lisp, Squeak Smalltalk, Joy, Forth, Haskell, O'Caml, etc. are
useful for understanding TUNES concepts.

> My understanding of computer systems and programming is largely
> philosophical and metaphysical, rather than mathematical in the
> formal sense of the word, and I am more informed in the realm of
> yoga philosophy / social evolution than strict computer science. I
> hope I can still make some kind of valuable contribution to the
> group. I believe a programming language or a system paradigm
> reflects its creator's view and understanding of reality, and from
> my perspective, Tunes is an attempt to manifest, blindly enough, an
> _integral_ worldview using the medium of information technology.
I agree. TUNES will be decentralized, extremely flexible, free
software, and rejects the false user-programmer distinction; this is
probably because Fare is an anarchist, therefore he rejects
authoritarianism, &c and advocates liberty, equality, and solidarity.
(I'm also an anarchist, and presumably some other TUNESers are.)

> So, I just wanted to say "hi," and give a bit of background on
> myself. I'm looking forward to working and learning with the Tunes
> collective...
Hmm. I've never thought of it as a collective before, but that's
probably a good term for it.

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