Recent happenings

Brian T Rice
Tue May 21 22:52:01 2002

Hello all,
This is an update out of necessity of keeping you informed. I am 
currently working on several projects at once for Arrow and Slate, but 
ironically the most practical of them started as a quick side-project. 
It's a new language that's less than a month old which I won't explain 
much about yet other than that it's a significant improvement on the 
Self semantics due to Lee Salzman.

The relevance is that we have ported some significant libraries to it, 
and advancing and cleaning the ideas up behind those libraries as we go. 
A lot of the emphasis is on new work in user interface frameworks on my 
part, and new work in compiler technology, which is Lee's work.

Slate and Arrow as a result are still simmering in the design phase. New 
sources and implementation plans (and better technical papers!) are in 
the works but aren't ready to present yet. I know a few of you have 
dropped by on IRC with some relevant links, and I much appreciate them. 
I have also been meeting up with local Lisp and Smalltalk fellows and 
working out technical ideas as well as business ideas, and this has also 
been very productive. In a short time, I'm going to be actively 
interviewing for research funding proposals at the university. All in 
all, quite a bit is happening, but I can't pin down a time-table.