the logic of the infinite

Thu May 23 11:03:01 2002

Quite possibly, this will be too unconnected to the hard facts of computer science for some folks. But I'm posting it for basically two reasons.

1. From my initial and partial understanding of Arrow information theory, Lisp, and such, the basic idea is to abstract the underlying structure and function of real-world entities and processes as much as possible. Maybe this isn't a good way to put it. Anyone care to correct me or clarify this point?

In order for this to be effective, our basic abstraction, our base class, our informational atom (kernel?), needs to be extremely flexible and able to model the form and behaviour of any entity whatsoever. We need a framework that can express the nature of reality, which is of one infinite being assuming an infinite diversity of forms and behaviours. The basic abstraction would then need to be a model of infinity.  ?what do you think?

2. My approach to programming is obviously top-down (or rather inside-out), big-picture and quite abstracted from the mechanics of computer hardware. This is a huge shortcoming for me and I would love to hear what people with a more realistic understanding of computer systems have to say about my silly notions. Your comments will help me refine my views and bring them more in line with the underlying philosophy of the Tunes project.

So, since computers are so firmly grounded in the realm of the logical, I compiled a few quotations on the subject of logic, not as it relates to partial views and fragmented hierarchies, but as it relates to reality, which is infinite. I tried to keep them short. They are all from Aurobindo Ghose, who wrote on a variety of subjects including philosophy, social evolution and politics. Have fun!


"[I]f it is to be of real service, the intellect must consent to pass out of the bounds of a finite logic and accustom itself to the logic of the Infinite. On this condition alone, by this way of seeing and thinking, it ceases to be paradoxical or futile to speak of the ineffable: but if we insist on applying a finite logic to the Infinite, the omnipresent Reality will escape us and we shall grasp instead an abstract shadow, a dead form petrified into speech or a hard incisive graph which speaks of Reality but does not express it."

"[A]ll attempts to erect a logical system out of a perception of the illimitable Existence must necessarily create [an abundance of difficulties]; for any such endeavour must either effect consistency by an arbitrary sectioning of the complex truth of things or else by its comprehensiveness become logically untenable."

"But the being and action of the Infinite must not be therefore regarded as if it were a magic void of all reason; there is, on the contrary, a greater reason in all the operations of the Infinite, but it is not a mental or intellectual, but a spiritual and supramental reason: there is a logic in it, because there are relations and connections infallibly seen and executed...."

"The finite is a frontal aspect and a self-determination of the Infinite; no finite can exist in itself and by itself, it exists by the Inifinte and because it is of one essence with the Infinite.... The finite is looked upon as a division of the Indivisible, but there is no such thing: for this division is only apparent; there is a demarcation, but no real seperation is possible.... Thus each object is that Infinite and one in essential being with all other objects that are also forms and names, - powers, numens, - of the Infinite."

"[The] incoercible unity in all divisions is the mathematics of the Infinite..."

"If this logic of the Infinite contradicts the conceptions of our finite reason, it is because it exceeds it and does not base itself on the data of the limited phenomenon, but embraces the Reality and sees the truth of all phenomenon in the truth of the Reality; it does not see them as separate beings, movements, names, forms, things; for that they cannot be, since they could be that only if they were phenomena in the Void, things without a common basis or essence, fundamentally unconnected, connected only by coexistence and pragmatic relation, not realities which exist by their root of unity and, so far as they can be considered independent, are secured in their independence of outer or inner figure and movement only by their perpetual dependence on their parent Infinite, their secret identity with the one Identitcal. The Identical is their root, their cause of form, the one power of their varying powers, their constituting substance."

"[L]ogic consists in the right perception of relations: the highest work of reason is to find the one substance, the one law, the cementing latent reality connecting and unifying the many, the different, the discordant and disparate."

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