The web site

Brian T Rice
Fri Nov 29 13:14:02 2002

Hi all,

I have finally given in to working on the Tunes website. It occurred to me
that we could use Cliki to replace the weirdness that is the current Tunes
Wiki. It generally is very flexible, and we'd only have to run CLisp on
the server, a fairly light load. I'll experiment with setting it up.

However, my important consideration is the main site, which is in CVS. At , you'll find a Scribe-driven replication of
the languages review page. I may just insert the output to replace the
existing page for now, since it is at least more regular in grammar. Does
anyone have another idea? Generally I think that without objections or
suggestions that any effort on the actual site would be appreciated.

I'm mostly just tired of being associated with a project that looks so
dead, but if I do too much, will people object to "branding" or

This is all too serious, though. What would make this more fun for you
guys? :)

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development