On mutual understanding (was: Term "Configuration")

Massimo Dentico m.dentico@virgilio.it
Fri Apr 11 11:17:01 2003

On Thu, 10 Apr 2003 16:51:48 -0700 (PDT), Brian T Rice <water@tunes.org>

> Boo!

What a fear ...

> Any thoughts yet?

Sparse and unorganized.

> Is this incomprehensible?

Not completely but I have, quite often, difficulties to follow you  even
when I  know more  or less  the subject  and understand  to what you are
referring, otherwise I'm completely lost.  In part for me is  a personal
issue with English,  in part difference  in background knowledge  and in
part other less clear factors.

Now it  is absolutely  not my  intention to  vaguely criticize your work
without constructively proposing something. I know how much is hard good
writing,  especially good  /technical/ writing.  I am  only raising  the
problem hoping in some suggestions from other members.

> Is someone out there thinking "huh? what is he talking about?"?

It is not exactly that for me. But baiting a virtuous circle where I ask
clarifications, you replay,  based on this one  I suggest  something, we
all converge  toward a  mutual understanding  and finally  some work  is
accomplished ..  it's a  little hard  for me;  I'm too slow,  for scarce
linguistic competence as usual.

So I'm inclined  to think and  rethink, waiting some  other comments and
hoping that in the meantime the matter is more clear to contribute.  I'm
trying to avoid deep mutual  misunderstanding as in the past  because it
causes negative effects, frustration above all.

Regards from a quiet MaD70.

Massimo Dentico