Your remarks on the Wiki

Jeff Cutsinger
Sat Apr 19 18:27:01 2003

Brian, i want you to know i appreciate the effort you put into TUNES. I think
what you've done is full of merit, and what you're doing is useful.
That said, i don't like your attitude, and it's clear that many people here
don't either. It's unpleasant to talk to you. This is mostly due to the
derogatory "tone" you often take, but also (this may just be me) i don't get
what you're talking about half the time. This gets compounded then because i'm
afraid to ask you about it.

Now, to apply this to the context of this thread, i'm trying to figure out
your intention in writing this seething email to Tril. Did you want him to
reply? Think if your situations were reversed. Would you? If so, would it be a
logical discussion, or simply a flame to match the original?
I have a theory, which may or may not be true. Tril has briefly talked to you
about Max, and it was probably a very unpleasant discussion for him. I'm
thinking that, in order to avoid further discussions with you, he wrote what
he did.

-Jeff Cutsinger