Your remarks on the Wiki

Tom Novelli
Sun Apr 20 07:49:02 2003

On Sun, Apr 20, 2003 at 01:06:23AM -0000, Jeff Cutsinger wrote:
> Kyle Lahnakoski <> said:
> > [...] I further believe that these dozen 
> > people need not work on a single project, but rather use the Tunes site 
> > as a forum for sharing ideas.  If Tunes administrators do not want to do 
> > this, then I propose as an alternate.
> A few points:
> 1.) This is a horrible idea in general. Simply having several unrelated
> projects, intended to share ideas, will undoubtedly end up with tons of
> (unnecessarily) duplicated effort.
> 2.) Erm, TUNES is a project- why should we change TUNES just because some
> people can't agree with its vision?
> 3.) There are already several branch projects on the TUNES site, such as
> Tril's own max, slate, Brian Templeton's IAM, etc, which are intended to
> explore different areas of TUNES, hopefully without so much duplicated effort.

Agreed.  We're all working on our own projects here, but these are
/complimentary/ efforts for the most part -- not a bunch of kiddies writing
all-assembler operating systems without asking "WHY?" :)  The TUNES site
(or, really) is a first-rate forum, and the admin (Tril) doesn't
have an attitude problem.  So thanks for the offer, Kyle, but I think we're
all set in that department.  It's TUNES itself that's under contention.  You
could say we share common /interests/ but not a common /vision/.

Count me out of the "Grand Unified TUNES Spec" or whatever you want to call
it.  I'm here for the Review project.. to learn, talk, brainstorm, and
hopefully sort out the whole can of worms.

(Aside: I've had it with "revolutionary" OS projects.. I've been down that
road and back again.  When you finally create the perfect system and start
using it, you find problems.  It's much better to take a system that works,
use it every day, and fix what you can, when you get a chance.  And anything
that makes it difficult to make piecemeal changes is a prime target for

Tom Novelli