Term "Configuration"

Jeff Cutsinger seaslug@tunes.org
Sat Apr 19 18:38:01 2003

I've been lurking in this discussion for a while, and i want to make sure i
have the idea correct. Basically, a configuration is a collection of objects +
a set of rules about how they relate or must relate to each other?

Brian T Rice <water@tunes.org> said:

> To return to this interesting topic (to me), what do people think about
> characterizing multiple-argument functions as Attributes of
> Configurations? This was one of the senses in which this concept occurred
> to me.
> Bring up examples from your favorite odd language that don't seem to fit
> it. We could judge by applicability.

is this similar to the way TOM handled them? TOM used tuples to return
multiple values, so a function might return say (int, bool, int), and to use
these values one would write:

int x
bool y
int z
(x, y, z) = function()

(or something along these lines)

-Jeff Cutsinger