At the risk of being flamed.
Tue Apr 22 18:19:02 2003

David Williams wrote:
> Are there any ideas here that would assist TUNES?
> -- 
> ~Dave 

There was the review mailing list for this, which is
now superceded by CTO:

   - http://Cliki.Tunes.Org

It is a good starting point for learning and to check
if a system/language/whatever is known to the project
and eventually, if not, if it could be of interest for
the project.

Amoeba for example has its CTO node:


Anyway I suggest to all who are new to Tunes, in order
to understand it, to *not* associate it with the common
meaning intended with "Operating System". See our definition:


I hope this is helpful.


Massimo Dentico