Tunes Membership Policy

Brian T Rice
Thu Feb 20 11:55:02 2003

It's time to change this. See and try to justify
to anyone that we're not a load of crackpots, and watch how hard they

For reference, see the Tunes charter:

Since no one is an actual member of any sub-projects, this document is
largely irrelevant, but it's our stated policy. Furthermore, the only
policy on admittance is that volunteers get what they want unless

So, as de-facto coordinator of Tunes, I'll draft here a new policy of
membership, thanks to suggestions from Massimo Dentico and a few others:

1) Members must be on the developers' main mailing list, and any number of
other mailing lists hosted for the Tunes project. That makes this list,, a defining criteria. If the list administrator
garbage-collects the address of a member with no new address to substitute
or a voluntary notification of absence, that member is expelled (at least
noted inactive in our listing of members).

2) Members must have contributed something deemed helpful by a subproject
coordinator. This can include a set of reviews, a documentation of a
useful concept, or code which is accepted into Tunes repositories by one
of the subproject coordinators.


These two principles together eliminate two-thirds of the Tunes membership
list, and probably the correct proportion and partition of them as well.

Are there any objections, additions, or other kinds of suggestions for me
in this? If there's a contention, we'll just put it to a vote.

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development