Tunes Membership Policy

David Scott Williams, web
Thu Feb 20 12:25:03 2003

I am a self-taught programmer, and I am just finishing pushing
Dustyscript 1.0 ( out the door.  

I will have some time to dedicate.  I do some Perl, PHP, Java
mainly, some C/C++ (currently teaching myself)...

I have never done x86 assembler, but am willing to give it a go...

Where do I start?

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From: Brian T Rice <>
To: The TUNES Mailing List <>
Subject: Tunes Membership Policy

>It's time to change this. See and try
to justify
>to anyone that we're not a load of crackpots, and watch how hard
>For reference, see the Tunes charter:
>Since no one is an actual member of any sub-projects, this
document is
>largely irrelevant, but it's our stated policy. Furthermore, the
>policy on admittance is that volunteers get what they want unless
>So, as de-facto coordinator of Tunes, I'll draft here a new
policy of
>membership, thanks to suggestions from Massimo Dentico and a few
>1) Members must be on the developers' main mailing list, and any
number of
>other mailing lists hosted for the Tunes project. That makes
this list,
>, a defining criteria. If the list administrator
>garbage-collects the address of a member with no new address to
>or a voluntary notification of absence, that member is expelled
(at least
>noted inactive in our listing of members).
>2) Members must have contributed something deemed helpful by a
>coordinator. This can include a set of reviews, a documentation of a
>useful concept, or code which is accepted into Tunes
repositories by one
>of the subproject coordinators.
>These two principles together eliminate two-thirds of the Tunes
>list, and probably the correct proportion and partition of them
as well.
>Are there any objections, additions, or other kinds of
suggestions for me
>in this? If there's a contention, we'll just put it to a vote.
>Brian T. Rice
>LOGOS Research and Development

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