Contributing (was Re: Tunes Membership Policy)

David Scott Williams, web
Thu Feb 20 12:48:02 2003

Hey... I see.

How do amateurs who love the very fabric of programming becoming
experts without contributing, making errors, and fixing them?

Where are the other Tunes people in this, or are you the only one

Maybe I'll learn LISP and such, as listed on your Cliki page..
maybe... I really have to decide if a project that so willingly
thumbs its nose at people who WOULD help if they COULD in the
manner that you do is worthy of my time.

I will go back to lurking, and I do wish you the best of luck...

PS- One of those messages you replied to was written to you, not
to the list.  One should consider NOT sending private emails to
public lists.  It's just a matter of good taste.

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>On Thu, 20 Feb 2003, David Scott Williams, web wrote:
>> I am a self-taught programmer, and I am just finishing pushing
>> Dustyscript 1.0 ( out the
>> I will have some time to dedicate.  I do some Perl, PHP, Java
>> mainly, some C/C++ (currently teaching myself)...
>> I have never done x86 assembler, but am willing to give it a go...
>> Where do I start?
>These are incredibly common skills. By observing the Tunes
>list, I see that most of the people I would like to remove from
it have
>those kinds of skills. We need people who go beyond that.
There's no point
>in wanting to contribute to a new system if you can't comprehend
it when
>it finally is handed to you.
>Learn and use the languages mentioned on the PL 101 area of the
>Learning assembly is exactly what NOT to do if you haven't done
it before.
>We'd rather borrow and adapt code and rely on a very few experts
than get
>a lot of inexpert cooks' hands in the pot.
>Brian T. Rice
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