Tunes Membership Policy

Brian T Rice
Thu Feb 20 14:33:01 2003

On Thu, 20 Feb 2003, James Michael DuPont wrote:

> --- Brian T Rice <> wrote:
> Dear Tunes members,
> Please consider my membership, and leave me on the list.

That's easy to do: you at least qualify as contributing to the
C-translator project and partially to the meta-translator project through
your introspector system.

> I have not contributed more than some simple Wiki conversions,
> and lots of newbe questions.

Which makes you a contributor. Realize that this is better and more than
what 50% of the "members" have done, which is to stick their names on that
page and be gone.

> My experience is lacking to contribute to the high level discussions of
> the grand scheme of things.

Then work on it as you can.

> When you have agreed on some form of stable API and format
> specification of tunes, I will be able to help out more.

> Please consider that until the tunes has moved into implementation
> phase, I cannot contribute much.


> thanks
> mike

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development