Tunes Membership Policy

Thu Feb 20 14:29:06 2003

On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 11:54:01AM -0800, Brian T Rice wrote:
> 1) Members must be on the developers' main mailing list [...]
> 2) Members must have contributed something [...]
> Are there any objections, additions, or other kinds of suggestions for me
> in this? If there's a contention, we'll just put it to a vote.

I agree.  TUNES members should be more devoted than what is shown on 
the members list.  People say they are interested in TUNES and are 
willing to help, but since they haven't, they aren't really part of 
the project.  Part of the problem is people can't tell what to 
contribute; but I think you are correct in referring them to the Cliki 
about this.

I am willing to continue to maintain the members list using the new
requirements.  How about if I extend the members database to have a
flag for lurker vs. contributor, and show each group separately?  The
"lurkers" group can be more of a potential member list or "guest
book." I don't care what the list of lurkers/interested parties is
called but I'd like to preserve that information.

For the new policy I'll need an authoritative CREDITS document to
lookup what everyone has contributed.  I suggest a wiki page for
Credits which I can simply refer to to implement requirement #2.
I already have access to mailing list memberships since I run the
mailing lists, so #1 is easy. 

Will members need to contribute regularly to retain contributor

I suggest members who got e-mail addresses under the old
rules, but are not contributors, be allowed to keep the e-mail
addresses unless they request to delete them, since they might still
be in use and it doesn't use many resources to provide them.  I'll
plan at least to remove unix group 'tunes' access to anyone who has a account who has not been a contributor.

> In times past, Fare was the end-point in that sense, and often he does
> not spend attention on the mailing list for months at a time (neither
> did Tril), and the entire project suffered from this.

Well, I'm reading the mailing list regularly right now.

I appreciate the work you are putting in to the TUNES project. 
Hopefully it will inspire all of the rest of us to work harder as

Tril 0. Byte <> 
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