Tunes Membership Policy

Thu Feb 20 15:00:03 2003

If you [=Brian] wish so, you can remove me of the [old] members page,
but I still wish to be on the tunes@ mailing list (if possible).

I still don't understand what self-claimed members of Tunes have in
common: I mean that people have an obvious common goal (Tunes as an
ideal) but not yet a common project (Tunes as a working community).

I'm not even sure that the the very few people who actually
contributed code share a common project, but they do share a common
goal. In other words, the few piece of code don't even glue up
together yet and are not completely leading in the exactly same

And a sidenote, even if Faré (who is my friend, and whom I meet
regularily face to face - not only by the Internet) don't contribute
enough I believe he still deserves to remain an honory member (since
the whole Tunes idea was largly his at first).

I'm still interested in reflexive systems, notably those knowledge

If someone wants to close the Tunes mailing list only to code
contributors, I would understand but believe it will be a wrong

And I don't consider Tunes as a negative experiment. Actually, I also
believe that if Tunes has not succeeded yet, it is because some
conceptual issues (which of course I don't know, I'm only speaking at
the meta-level here) are missing. Perhaps some formalisation or design
between the brillant reflexive ideas and an hypothetical
implementation, or just some hints.

Notice that several people tried to implement something but did not
succeed yet. I believe that this is so because reflection is really



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