Trimming down

Tom Novelli
Thu Feb 20 16:40:02 2003

Experimentation is a fine thing... and Tunes will never be finished without
small steps along the way.  That doesn't mean there should be a subproject
for every experiment.  I suggest we have ONE project, Tunes, and relegate
everything else to "research areas" and "potentially useful ideas" - we may
never use half the subprojects anyway.  You can experiment on GC, Migration,
&c individually, but Tunes is about merging them into one coherent system. 

Regarding membership, I myself have been considering dropping out... this is
getting to be a pipe dream.. maybe I'm too pragmatic.  There needs to be
leadership - just a handful of people who see eye to eye.  Brian Rice is
doing a fine job getting this project back on track, and this is coming from
someone who has disagreed with him on quite a few things before.  Fare,
Tril, maybe a couple others, I would count among the leadership.  I
contribute some research, ideas, a voice of practicality.. why not count
people like me as "contributors" and the leaders as the only official
"members"?  Democratic, no, but it would get things done.  Anyone who
doesn't like it could start their own project :)