Francois-Rene Rideau Francois-Rene Rideau <>
Thu Feb 20 17:12:01 2003

Dear Tunesers,

I am very pleased with what Brian has been doing lately
-- he's the best thing that happened to Tunes.

Just because I don't post much to the list doesn't mean I don't read it
-- it just means that I have nothing interesting to add to what Brian, Tril,
and others say.

I am not proud of all I haven't been doing.
I need to get a life, and I'm currently looking for a job.

As for membership/etc. - we could indeed gain a lot by distinguishing
actual "members" (active - or formerly active and now inactive),
"contributors" (contributed something worth mentionning, without having
to be active members), people with a formal interest (who've signed our
gold book), and mere lurkers. -- With an obvious path of evolution
between these. There needn't be anything more formal about it
than this explanation to be put on the CLiki. All current "members"
are ipso facto downgraded to "people with a formal interest in Tunes"
(any shorter name for that? "wanderers"?) - and become contributors
then members implicitly as things get done.

As for tying to being a member rather than something else
- well, I suppose people with a current address can keep it if they
are to become contributors, whereas new people can prove themselves
on the CLiki and/or by sending code first.

PS: with regard to the Relational Paradigm -- my last comment (that spawned
a flame in response) was not meant to disaparage it, actually. There are
things I don't understand well wrt the relational paradigm (how it interacts
with garbage collection and resource management in general -- linear logic
if you like), but I admit my relative ignorance so I don't mean to emit any
definitive judgment when faced with people who seem to have more clue than I.

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