The whole membership deal.
Mon Feb 24 15:13:01 2003

Ok, I would like to say something about. I do not think that 
membership policy is a central issue. For what concerns me 
being or not on a list has not much importance. Well, perhaps 
hd space on Bespin for members would ... : )
This said, Brian's proposal for the new policy (members must 
be on the tunes mailing list and should have contributed something 
useful) seems to me reasonable - simple and no-nonsense.
I don't think that it would discriminate newbies or anyone: Nothing 
is stated about the nature of the contribution. Sure, it's hard for 
beginners even making an idea about what on hell they can do for 
the project, but a complex project requires a complex background. 
But I would say to all the people lurking here "don't give up".
Making this background is a big part of the fun: There are a lot 
of cool things to learn. It gives you a perspective.