Tunes suggestions (was: learning Lisp)

Tom Novelli
Mon Feb 24 16:06:01 2003

In reply to Kyle:
> The word ?member? has a positive psychological effect on people. I 
> believe this effect was first abused en-mass by the American Express 
> credit card company. ?Membership? makes people feel special because they 
> belong to a special (read well-defined) group. A single type of 
> membership puts the newbies on the same level as veterans and that can 
> be both motivational and cozy. Motivational because being part of a 
> special group, including veterans, places an expectation to do for the 
> project. Cozy because there is no gauntlet of membership levels to run, 
> or constant work required to maintain membership (very good for if a 
> member disappears for life reasons). IMHO, the choice to stratify 
> membership into three or more groups goes against the socialist nature 
> of Tunes.

The problem is, if just anyone can join Tunes and change the direction,
it'll go a hundred different ways and fall apart, like it's done a few times
already.  Sure, contributions are welcome, but someone has to be in charge
who can sort the wheat from the chaff.

By the way, you should ask Fare himself about socialism.. prepare to receive
a rude awakening :)  For a few years I thought *democratic* socialism was a
nice ideal, even spent some time at communes run according to this ideal..
you know what? it's just like a corporation.. nobody is fully responsible
for anything.. everyone is oppressed by the masses.

We all can agree that system software - like Tunes - belongs in the public
domain.  That's about as close as we get to socialism.. beyond that, leave
it to the market to decide.  We've seen business people paying too much for
software with very restrictive licenses, but with the economy in decline I
would expect people to be more careful with their money - or go out of

Tom Novelli