The TUNES Wiki

Massimo Dentico
Wed Jan 1 09:42:02 2003

Pietro wrote:
> Now I can see, but it shows the=20
> homepage rather than the cliki. I have=20
> a plain dialup connection and I have no access to=20
> my ISP's DNS (Tiscali).
> Pietro
> P.S. Have a good year!

Hello Pietro.

The TUNES Project Wiki is now reachable at the address

without particular provisions (at least from here).

Brian wrote:
> Well, it turned out to be some Bespin configuration problem.
> So the "/etc/hosts" trick shouldn't be necessary now.

However Brian here referred to a file on your computer,
usually in such directory on Unix-like systems and
with the same name, hosts, in

  C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc     on Windows 2000


  C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc   on XP

(under OSes of the same family is probably in a different
directory, but with the same name).

To solve the problem, it has been enough to add this line

to "hosts" file (note the absence of extension).

Happy new year to all.

Massimo Dentico