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Brian T Rice
Wed Jan 1 12:54:02 2003

Hey, thanks for this!

On Wed, 1 Jan 2003, James Michael DuPont wrote:

> Hey,
> here is the first version of the wiki dumper,
> it reads the wiki pages from the cvs and dumps the perl objects into
> files.
> STUCTURE : here are the data types of the exisiting wiki nodes
> Now, someone can tell me how to transform this in cliki format,
> otherwise I can dump it into rdf/xml for you.
>     #'ID'     name of page
>     #'date'   date of page edit
>     #'host'   hostname of the page edit
>     #'agent'  client used (lynx and w3c mode are used!)
>     #'convert' either the value "tabs" or null, how do we handle tabs
> in the "text"
>     #'text'   body of page
>     #'rev'    revision number
>     # links to other projects/pages, I did not dead link check them
>     #    'r1' => 55
>     #    'r2' => 16,
>     #    'r3' => 3,
>     #'backlinks'  names to other pages, or pages that reference this
> Attachments :
> TUNES.perl  - Here is an example for the TUNEs node
> - a multilated version of Use Mod Wikis file readered,
> hacked to dump the files.

Great. All of these have equivalents in CLiki, but I haven't checked out
the precise particulars. I'll make sure that someone handles this and gets
back to you. (Again, volunteers welcome: this is a relatively-quick task

> mike
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> James Michael DuPont

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