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Brian T Rice
Thu Jan 2 02:06:01 2003

On Wed, 1 Jan 2003, James Michael DuPont wrote:

> Hey,
> here is the first version of the wiki dumper,
> it reads the wiki pages from the cvs and dumps the perl objects into
> files.
> STUCTURE : here are the data types of the exisiting wiki nodes
> Now, someone can tell me how to transform this in cliki format,
> otherwise I can dump it into rdf/xml for you.

The recent-changes.dat file uses SEXP with one entry per line as follows:

(3250488509 "Non-Well-Founded" "water" "Added.")

(timestamp-in-seconds node-name user-node-name mod-note)

Each node file is exactly as it is within the editing field. There is also
a "foo.titles" file for node "foo" which lists what it is named as. From a
scan of all the files in this category, only one entry is needed in each

("Node Name")

with the same case as the node's name, and no line-feed at the end.

For the particulars of node text-formatting, check the CLiki
text-formatting page. I generally expect that CamelCase should be
separated into Separate Words.

> mike
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