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Brian T Rice
Wed Jan 1 13:44:01 2003

On Wed, 1 Jan 2003 wrote:

> I am available for the porting work, if Massimo needs
> some help with the OS section, or for any other section.
> Write me for agreement.

Okay, work it out between yourselves. Thanks!

> With reference to the first post of Brian's, I completely agree
> on the plan of integrating the common KB (glossary,
> review, tutorials). Also, I think that the Wiki should be
> completely replaced by the Cliki - it has no sense keeping
> stuff on two servers doing just the same thing. Of course,
> this is just an opinion.

Yes, we agree. This is why Michael DuPont is working on the translator.
There are some fairly-large groups of Wiki nodes that need to be moved
that aren't categorizable or aren't covered elsewhere. On the other hand,
there's a lot of the Wiki content that can just be let go, such as
administrative details and that temporary Slate stuff and other things of
that nature.

Basically, everything that still matters is being moved, and when that's
completed, we'll:

(1) redirect main site links to the new wiki (there don't seem to be
many to the wiki's content; the real issue is for glossary and review

(2) enter the cliki into CVS at some reasonable interval.

(3) shut down the old wiki.

> Pietro

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development