cliki changes + opinions + XML
Sat Jan 4 11:28:01 2003

>Someone posted these links. They are welcome, of course, 
>but note that these probably correct only some syntactic 
>annoyance of XML. -- Mad70

I was the one : )
Unfortunately my changes still are not logged : ( 
so I will report them by hand in order for people to check them.
Of course only those I can remember. I exclude all the stuff I am 
putting under Operating Systems Review, which can be easily 

1- Added a remark under Glossary -> Reflection saying that 
with the world it is also meant the operation inverting reification, and 
that deification and absorption are sometimes used as synonims 
for the word in that meaning. Also fixed links to Reflection review 
(Methods of Reflection).
2- Modified index, added all the missing sections of the review (taken 
from the Review page).
3- SAS now has also acronym as topic.

A question: should acronyms and political terms be also terms? Now 
there is some inconsistency, some acronyms are terms, some are not, 
and political terms are not terms. Moreover some entry that IMHO 
should be political is not and vice versa (don't remember which).

Back to XML: for what I know it is just a metalanguage for defining 
Dyck languages, and thus should have *only* syntactic annoyances, 
unless you are also referring to XSL. But I admit I have almost NO 
knowledge of such a horrible thing as XML.