cliki changes + opinions + XML

Brian T Rice
Sat Jan 4 12:40:02 2003

Hi, thanks for the work!

On Sat, 4 Jan 2003 wrote:

> >Someone posted these links. They are welcome, of course,
> >but note that these probably correct only some syntactic
> >annoyance of XML. -- Mad70
> I was the one : )
> Unfortunately my changes still are not logged : (
> so I will report them by hand in order for people to check them.
> Of course only those I can remember. I exclude all the stuff I am
> putting under Operating Systems Review, which can be easily
> checked.

Eek! Not logged? What response did you get?

> 1- Added a remark under Glossary -> Reflection saying that
> with the world it is also meant the operation inverting reification, and
> that deification and absorption are sometimes used as synonims
> for the word in that meaning. Also fixed links to Reflection review
> (Methods of Reflection).
> 2- Modified index, added all the missing sections of the review (taken
> from the Review page).
> 3- SAS now has also acronym as topic.

> A question: should acronyms and political terms be also terms? Now
> there is some inconsistency, some acronyms are terms, some are not,
> and political terms are not terms. Moreover some entry that IMHO
> should be political is not and vice versa (don't remember which).

Oops, sorry I hadn't documented that decision I made yet. The "term" page
will naturally list nodes with that exact topic. The Glossary page on the
other hand could either show all terms and political terms by doing a
"term"-substring search, and it did for some early revisions, but I wanted
things to be a little more separable.

The political terms link could be more prominent, or a substring search
could be used on the main page. But in general, I'd prefer to have two
separate lists; obviously my opinion doesn't matter if people vote

> Back to XML: for what I know it is just a metalanguage for defining
> Dyck languages, and thus should have *only* syntactic annoyances,
> unless you are also referring to XSL. But I admit I have almost NO
> knowledge of such a horrible thing as XML.

That's fine. Other people can amend that now. :)

> Pietro

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development