cliki changes + opinions + XML
Sat Jan 4 13:28:01 2003

> Eek! Not logged? What response did you get?
As I edit a page and post changes I have the usual "thank you" message. 
I *do* put all the changes in the summary, and I *do* put my nick in 
the field. Also, I turned on cookies as someone suggested me, I also 
tried with mozilla and lynx under Linux, and from other machines. 
Still, I cannot see all my changes logged in the Recent Changes page.
Massimo noticed that some became visible after restarting the server. 
It's true indeed, but some did not. If someone can send me a copy of 
recent-changes.dat I can check whether my older changes have been 
logged or not so we can at least localize the problem.

Please bear me as the demential side of the project. But I ensure 
you that usually I have a good relationship with information technology, 
it's just with bespin that I have a somehow idiosincratic menage : )