The New Wiki is open

Brian T Rice
Wed Jan 8 08:44:02 2003

Hi all! :)

I am very pleased to announce the opening of the new Review and Wiki areas
of, the first completed half of the major project to overhaul
all the content on and complete half of those TODO's have have
been on pages for years!

So, in the last 10 days (go ahead, check the logs!), we have set up the
following on

* A new home for the Glossary, in a much more extensible format. All of
the Tunes "non-buzzwords" have been added, and the content has been
cleaned up and made more concise and clear where it needed to be. Also the
political terms have been moved to a separate list, which makes it easier
on the new person, I think, to distinguish the technical from the
(necessary, but distracting) rhetoric.

* A nearly-full port of the Review. There are so many tiny things that
will get moved over in the next few days or so, most likely; however the
main bulk of what needs reviewing is done. Also, the floodgates are now
open for anyone to contribute, so presumably there will be growth even
beyond what we intend.

* Some expansions of review: the sections for User Interfaces and Review
are now at least a bit more systematized. Migration now has a review
section which could use some elaboration (though it has headings for the
relevant topics).

* The old Wiki has been nearly-entirely moved over. The Learning Lounge is
completely set up, the major essays and good reviews were moved over. What
remains are some side projects whose classification is a little rough, and
they might get left to decay. I'd prefer not to lose things, but in some
cases, it seems that priorities for us are to maintain the site as we need
to to keep ourselves organized for actually implementing Tunes and nothing

* There are now subproject areas where the static site may be commented
on. Actually, I have added a "comment" topic which allows you to link to
the subject area and write a small essay. The benefit is that return-links
are automatically-generated, so comments can be added without the
distraction of having to grow (and grow and grow) a page downward.


10 days of build-up.
555 nodes.
15 major topics and several sub-topics of various kinds.
4.6 megabytes of actual content.

Another note about the old wiki is that it is read-only at the moment, and
will remain so until we finally shut it down. There's a small notice on
the front page (of the wiki) to let people know.

Finally, although everything is usable and public at this point, only the
new site will link to it, although I may be ready to move everything over
pretty soon, when I have a pre-processing system of some kind to help, as
well as having figured out the best way to re-enter it into CVS or
something. Anyway, there are more details to elaborate and clear up, and
also static Review pages to remove. I'll post separately about this later.

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development