CLiki's down for repairs :P

Williams, David
Wed Jan 15 14:20:02 2003

Yes... I am amazingly new to this list... like.. two days old...

I have also subscribed with (my home email).

I am the founder of the Dustyscript programming language =
( and came to you based on a google =
search for "dustyscript" (2nd page of results, or 3rd), where you're =
AI-bot turned up a one-line description of the language as apple-script =

Dustyscript runs currently (originally this was only to be a prototype) =
as a Java application (yes:an interpreted language run inside of an =
interpreted language)...=20

Anyway... I have become greatly interested in the tunes project, and am =
looking to learn as much about it as I can...


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On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Williams, David wrote:

> Maybe these things are covered in the FAQ's... or maybe not..but I'll =
ask here...
> What is 'cliki'?  If you have a link to something I should read (a
> text of any length is fine) to become more familiar before posting to
> the list, I would be happy to read it.
> ~Dave

This has been discussed on the mailing list for the last two months, and
was also self-documented on the cliki itself. Are you very new to this

Anyway, see while is down.
It's a wiki-like system written in Common Lisp.

Anyway, whatever's said on the project site right now is being rapidly
made obsolete. I will try to make a deadline for the end of the month =
moving to the new content in total.

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development