Recent changes to cliki

Brian T Rice
Thu Jan 16 01:07:02 2003

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, PB wrote:

> > > - make a "resource review", or something like, page where all
> > > the references to useful resources can be put (compilers, assemblers,
> > > code snippets like bootsectors not included in full-fledged OSes,
> > > tutorials, documentation on hardware and standards...)
> >
> > We're not near the point of needing that, and we barely have enough
> > competent volunteers to handle the most minimal bootstrap. So my vote is
> > "nay" until someone steps up to do this who understands the project goals
> > properly.
> >
> Sure, I was proposing it just because it seemed to me that many
> topics/links in the static tunes review pages have not a natural place in
> cliki. As an example we have many links to people in the language
> review section, and we have already a People section on cliki so
> the information can be filed there. But in the same section we also have,
> say, links to implementation techniques, analysis techniques, general
> theory. Where should we put all that stuff? Each in a page, sure,
> but where they should be referred from? Unclassified can only be
> a temporary solution.

Okay, there is now a "resource" topic, intended for useful resources for
development (of TUNES specifically, and not for any old OS or language)
which are just themselves components and such. I added it to the main page
index as well.


Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development