Recent changes to cliki

Wed Jan 15 10:05:02 2003

> > - make a "resource review", or something like, page where all
> > the references to useful resources can be put (compilers, assemblers,
> > code snippets like bootsectors not included in full-fledged OSes,
> > tutorials, documentation on hardware and standards...)
> We're not near the point of needing that, and we barely have enough
> competent volunteers to handle the most minimal bootstrap. So my vote is
> "nay" until someone steps up to do this who understands the project goals
> properly.

Sure, I was proposing it just because it seemed to me that many
topics/links in the static tunes review pages have not a natural place in
cliki. As an example we have many links to people in the language
review section, and we have already a People section on cliki so
the information can be filed there. But in the same section we also have,
say, links to implementation techniques, analysis techniques, general
theory. Where should we put all that stuff? Each in a page, sure,
but where they should be referred from? Unclassified can only be
a temporary solution.

> > - fix better some style guidelines; see the proposal I put in the
> > Text Formatting page, which is mainly an acknowledgment of the
> > current de facto standard at TUNES cliki.
> I don't see anything that looks like a proposal on that page, unless it's
> been there for long enough that it's one which I've edited. (I've adjusted
> almost all of the page's contents in some way or another.)

well it was the bulleted list on top of the Text Formatting page. I see
its evolution. In facts it was not really a proposal, but... anyways...
anything in wikis is a proposal : )