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James Michael DuPont mdupont777@yahoo.com
Sun Jun 1 03:47:03 2003

--- "Lynn H. Maxson" <lmaxson@pacbell.net> wrote:
" Reflection, the recognition of the activity itself, per se cannot 
 occur in software.  Software cannot "know" anything whether 
 about itself or about anything else. ..." 

I see that the issue here is the one of a programmable system that is
available from gui at any point in the TUNEs system. An access point so
to say.

given an user interface, and a natural language processing system,
the system could interact with the user, and dynamically extend its
infomation about the structure of the knowledge via a question and
answer chat bot.

imagine if it would listen to irc and ask questions about things to
users, extracting infomation that it needs to complete its equasions
from a third party.

in that case, the system is constantly updating its metadata about the
or even a runtime profiling system would help.  all of that can be see
as knowledge about itself.

The gcc has a bootstrap function, where it knows about itself, as much
as a program can. If you define knows as what a program can possibly
store about itself. Via the builtin functions, the bootstrap process
spans generations, and one version of the complier helps create the
next generation.

> While we can say we 
> want to increasingly imbue software with reflective responses 
> so that it can do what we would do under the circumstances 
> so that we don't have to do it again, we have to exercise care 
> that we do not cross the "reality" line, that we do not 
> mis-communicate to ourselves and others.

The idea of the interative learning system does not cross the line,
it is well on the side of the doable.

 > The same occurs with meta-programming.  In fact no program 
> has ever modified another or itself except in ways which 
> follows how we instructed it to do so.  

Yes, some ALife programs modify there behaviour,
a form of  genestealing occured where some ideas became viruses that
attacked the genes of others.

James Michael DuPont

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