[Ann: ] call for help bug fixing EulerSharp.sf.net c# rdf proof engine

James Michael DuPont mdupont777@yahoo.com
Thu Jun 19 13:12:02 2003

Dear all,

Can you please help me test an module that will bring 
together many different systems into a union.

The euler program will become the engine of the semantic web by
a dot.net gateway into the semantic web.

We will be able to explorer the catalog of methods and functions
via rdf catalogs, and invoke them over xmlrpc or .net bindings.

I envision a form of rdf reflection that allows c# programs
to become aware of, and publish thier interfaces in rdf for invokation.

I am in the processes of bugfixing the new refactoring
of EulerSharp[1], the 06refactor directory in cvs. 

Dotgnu.rdf [2] is needed as well as a dependancy in the future,
hopefully we can use monos libs for a postgres database backend.

The Prover Engine is now separated from the Proof object,
this allows the sharing of storage between all the methods of the

As next I will add support for multiple Views of Symbols that are
linked to Statements in an Rdf Model that is stored on a Postgres

The gui will try and use the X11 Winforms from dotgnu for superfast
output to the screen. The VCG graph layout tool, and the SVG# output
will be used to display the output. This will be fed from the
introspector [3] output extracted from the gcc or cscc compilers.

That allows for the breaking up of the one proof function into many
methods, sharing all the same data. Later I will add in a class for
thoughts, each though being a hypothesis.

The program just compiles, and there are surely tons of bugs,
so if anyone wants to grab the sources and test it on thier c#
compiler, I would greatly appreciate it.

[1] http://sourceforge.net/projects/eulersharp
[2] http://savannah.gnu.org/cvs/?group=dotgnu-libs
cvs download server for dotgnu.rdf
[3] introspector.sf.net

James Michael DuPont

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