Bursting in [was: Maude licensed under GPL, 2.0 approaching...]

Lendvai Attila Attila.Lendvai@netvisor.hu
Mon Jun 16 01:07:03 2003

i just send a me, too for quoted the paragraph below...

i must make a living, and i'm not one of those high-math people either,
but i do like thinking in abstract, and i do like the beauty of nice
solutions. if i can see an example i can understand many things that i
can't due to language/lack of background, etc...

but as i can judge things are happening now, so keep up the good work!

- 101

"of trying to tap into the psychology of a stereotypical Newbie.
However, as the specs and code get more concrete (which I hope they will
soon) it's of cource crucial to document everything really well, so that
people who might not be able to contribute much in terms of mathematic
al foundations for the project can start contributing in implementing
basic algorithms, building libraries, etc. (I know the old argument that
someone who only knows about writing database queries or whatever can't
contribute anything anyway, but there *are* a lot of people between
these two poles who might be able to contribute a lot once it's clear
what's to be done.)"