mango download (was: parsing)

Brian T Rice
Sat Mar 8 15:43:02 2003

On 8 Mar 2003, Harald Gliebe wrote:

> You can also get it directly from Sun:

Thanks for the url.

> The SmalltalkEmulator was included in the Self-4.0 release that you
> can get from the same location. Unfortunatly it's only in a snapshot,
> so you need a running Self-4.0 to see it.
> Harald

Unfortunately, my Macintosh isn't hefty enough to run the full image
reliably, and the linux-x86 VM crashes when using the Demo image instead
of the BareBones image. However, it's a recent athlon machine with an
absurd amount of memory, so what it does run is very smooth.

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development