Type Theory and Functional Programming

Brian T Rice water@tunes.org
Tue Mar 18 18:53:02 2003

I took some time to write out some kind of coverage on the issue on the
CLiki as a new set of Glossary terms:


This doesn't answer all the questions, but at least it tries to
communicate a balanced perspective.

Incidentally, I should remind everyone that the CLiki has an RSS/RDF
newsfeed to report changes there, and that the majority of the activity is
occurring via that lately, so this is a good way to keep abreast of what
has been thought about and gathered. I'm trying to put together some
concrete results based on what's being gathered there, in terms of the
specification paper, and perhaps some more revisions to the main static
Tunes site. Of course, I haven't forgotten about code! At the rate we're
going, we may have something real to just sit down and make implementation
decisions about rather than write code and then question ourselves about
the fundamental design for the umpteenth time.

Brian T. Rice
LOGOS Research and Development