Learning Lounge

James Michael DuPont mdupont777@yahoo.com
Mon May 12 01:20:02 2003

I agree with your idea of lowering the learning curve.

There is a project that I have been nurturing, www.fsedu.org that also
aims to provide an online free learning environment. 

One of the courses planned is scheme, I think that using some of the
tunes learning tasks as part of the curricula would be good.


--- Marc Santoro <ultima@tunes.org> wrote:
> After a bit of discussion with Brian Rice today on IRC, I spent some 
> time examining the Learning Lounge.
> I wrote a rough draft of the direction I would like to see the LL
> take. 
> To summarize, I think it should be rebuilt, with a wider scope of 
> indoctrination.
> http://cliki.tunes.org/Learning%20Lounge%20Rebuilding
> As stated, it's a draft, so it's probably chock full of errors.
> Obviously, an appropriate approach at this point in time is to create
> the project separately  from the LL, with the end goal of replacing
> the 
> LL, perhaps in a year or two.
> What do you think?

James Michael DuPont

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