On Tunes infrastructure

Jeff Cutsinger seaslug@tunes.org
Fri May 30 21:49:01 2003

"Lynn H. Maxson" <lmaxson@pacbell.net> said:

> [Really long rant about how fare's writing shouldn't be so grandiose]

Why did you write this?
And how did you read AI into that quote? Here's what I read: "Reflection is an
important tool that allows programs to reprogram themselves. This will allow
automation of many tasks which are now manual."
Not only that, but even though TUNES does not require or count on AI, your
arguments against it were lacking at best.
It surprises me, by the way, that you would stoop to attacking Fare. People
attacking and insulting Brian Rice is old hat, but the founder and author of
this project? This list has gone insane. You didn't like that paper? Fine.
Write Fare a letter, suggest an alternative, I'm sure he'd be overjoyed to
change it (given that it /is/ an improvement, and, given your writing, I find
that to be improbable). Or, you could write your own article. Try doing some
helpful work, rather than building strawmen.
You said you'd lurk. We'd be better off if you had kept your word.
I'm sorry about the harsh tone of this response, but I find your message
warrants it.
-Jeff Cutsinger