A revolutionary OS/Programming Idea

Massimo Dentico m.dentico@virgilio.it
Thu Nov 13 04:14:02 2003

"Jeff Cutsinger" <seaslug@tunes.org> wrote:

> [..]
> This kind of stuff has been around *forever* (which, in computer terms, means
> about 20 years). In addition, it was done in more interesting ways. Examples:
> lisp machines, smalltalk, self, forth. This is not revolutionary, it's old
> stuff that the computer industry has forgotten.

True. Tunes is more about integration and systemic thinking than totally
new ideas /per se/.

Another idea that IMO has shown to be problematic, but that comes
continually reproposed, is the organization of "data" (in usual sense
and as programs) in "fixed" hierarchies (or also in "fixed" networks).
[I have no time to give more details right now and this is a point
where other Tunes members more or less disagree, more or less

> [..]
> But people like Fare, Armin, Massimo, and yes, water, get most of it.

I would not put myself in this bunch as for level of understanding of Tunes
in its entirety, for various reasons.

Moreover François-René, Brian and Armin could not be told (for their own
admission) to have exactly the same vision of the project.

> [..]
> So please stop being an embarrassment to this project. Please!

Well sometimes my writings embarrass primarily myself. :-)

Anyway I hope that your e-mail will be considered a provocation,
and so thought provoking, than the beginning of a flame.


Massimo Dentico